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Toma un ‘gap year’ en África como voluntario para ‘África Trabajos y Viajes’. África es un lugar excelente para trabajos de voluntariado en el extranjero, si quieres ayudar a África o ser parte de la Conservación de África.

África tiene una de las más maravillosas diversidades de vida salvaje en algunas de las selvas menos explotadas y áreas de conservación en el mundo, con los proyectos de ‘Real Gap’ entre algunos de los mejores proyectos disponibles para la conservación de África. Hay una mezcla vibrante de culturas y la gente es calurosa y amigable.

Haz clic en el mapa de abajo para ver los detalles de nuestro ‘gap year’ en África y los proyectos de voluntariado para tu Pausa Laboral.



Kenya Medical and Community Volunteers from €987

Volunteers with medical qualifications assist in hospitals while those that don’t are just as valuable in the orphanages. Plus, you’ll be involved in tough but very rewarding work to improve life in Nairobi slums.

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Kruger to Coast Volunteer Adventure from €2227

Take an unforgettable tour of southern Africa, getting close to game in South Africa, working with orphans in Swaziland and snorkelling with whale sharks in Mozambique. Indian Ocean beaches provide a paradisiacal finale!

More Information
Malawi Medical Volunteers from €959

Become a medical volunteer in one of Africa’s most beautiful but deprived countries.

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Malawi Sports and Community from €839

Spend your time in Malawi introducing children to community sports and getting involved with community projects. Based in an idyllic but desperately poor country, you’ll make a real difference to young people’s lives.

More Information
Malawi Teaching Volunteers from €899

Help relieve the pressure on teachers who have up to 200 children to look after! Any assistance with core and creative subjects, and sport, will be much appreciated by everyone in the community.

More Information
Mozambique Whale Shark Conservation from €1757

Get up close and personal with whale sharks – they eat plankton, not humans! Learn to dive in tropical waters and collect data on whale sharks, coral reefs and turtles.

More Information
Namibia Desert Elephant Conservation from €1379

Go back to basics in the Namib Desert as you take part in projects that help elephants and landowners to live together in harmony. You’ll go on a unique elephant patrol and get involved in building projects.

More Information
Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteers from €1057

Get stuck into the demanding but highly rewarding work of caring for sick animals, building enclosures, darting and relocating animals, and helping release them into natural surroundings.

More Information
NEW - African Animal Adventure from €5899

Set off on an incredible journey across the world’s most fascinating continent! Discover the hidden secrets of the African plains and get to know its wildest inhabitants as you walk with lions and hang out with monkeys! Zimbabwe - Namibia - South Africa.

More Information
NEW - Ultimate Wildlife Experience from €11509

Covering Thailand, China, Malaysia, Africa and Australia, this really is the ultimate wildlife experience! Lend a hand with vital conservation work across the globe and get up close to a variety of animals! Zimbabwe - Thailand - China - Malaysia - Australia - USA

More Information
South Africa Big 5 Wildlife and Community from €1057

Experience an exciting and varied volunteer project on a beautiful Big 5 Game Reserve near to South Africa’s coast. Assist in conservation management whilst learning new skills and meeting some great people. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a worthwhile community project.

More Information
South Africa Child Development Volunteers from €867

Help the local children of the Masiphumelele township learn the basic skills they need in life including literacy, language and communication skills. Your interaction can greatly influence a brighter future for these disadvantaged children.

More Information
South Africa Children's Hospital Volunteers from €1259

If you are patient, enthusiastic, enjoy working with children and want to gain some valuable volunteer experience, then this worthwhile programme is waiting for you!

More Information
South Africa Experience from €1087

Get up close to elephants and lions on a Big 5 game reserve, surf the waves in Jeffrey’s Bay and take in the wonders of the amazing Garden Route on an all round South African adventure!

More Information
South Africa Lion Cub Experience from €1529

Surround yourself with some of Africa's most beautiful animals on this fantastic 2 week volunteer project. Located in South Africa, you will be assisting in caring for Lions, Leopards and Hyena's as well as many other species of wildlife.

More Information
South Africa Schools and Development from €1009

There are hundreds of children in Cape Town’s inner city who live in poverty and are do not have the opportunity of an education and who have to grow up quickly to be able to survive. They do not experience a childhood that you or I take for granted. This is where your help will prove invaluable!

More Information
South Africa Sports Volunteers from €877

This is a unique opportunity to reach and experience the heart of real South Africa in a small community near Cape Town and get involved with the children as you help with their sports activities at the school, one thing is for sure, their enthusiasm will be unbelievable!

More Information
South Africa Surf and Community Volunteers from €1389

Learn to surf at one of South Africa's best surfing beaches and then and then use these great new skills to teach some of the amazing local children.

More Information
Tanzania Community Volunteers from €667

Choose from a huge range of projects set up to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and adults in a great part of Tanzania. You could teach in primary or secondary schools, raise awareness of AIDS, or get involved in handicraft projects.

More Information
Uganda Community Volunteers from €669

Dedicate your energy and skills to helping some of the world’s poorest children. Assist with community support, improve orphan skills, or spend your time teaching basic subjects and organising school activities.

More Information
Zambia Building and Wildlife Experience from €1639

Volunteer on different projects in this community in South-West Zambia. Helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and adults you will build mud hut homes for locals and assist in the pre-school, out patients department and home for the elderly. You will also experience a trip into Botswana for a bush camp and wildlife safari.

More Information
Zanzibar Teaching Volunteers from €849

Help improve the literacy, numeracy and communication skills of local school children in Stonetown on this worthwhile teaching programme.

More Information
Zimbabwe Lion Breeding and Conservation from €1637

Walk with lions and watch cubs hunt their first prey. This is a rare opportunity to get close to wild animals while contributing to valuable breeding and release work. Explore the grasslands on horseback or elephant-back, too.

More Information
Zimbabwe Lion Rehabilitation Victoria Falls from €1517

Do the unthinkable - walk with lions! Collect data, carry out research and watch as the lion cubs learn to hunt. You’ll also educate local children and assist with invaluable conservation work.

More Information
Zimbabwe Rhino and Elephant Conservation from €1259

Handle rhino, train elephants and make a real difference to the future of endangered species in Zimbabwe. Living close to the animals will give you a unique insight into their lives and make for fantastic photos opportunities.

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